By: Heather Coleman

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Mister Christopher

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Here are some recent pictures of Christopher. In order to get him to agree to do pictures these days, we have to do things "his way."

His idea was to do a series of silly images, which you will have no trouble picking out from the bunch.

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She's back....

One of the ads from my 1st commercial job
Hey, that's me! Another image (pre-edited) that was used
Ok all, I'm attempting to keep this updated regularly again. Who knows how long it'll last? Definetly not me....

Little updates as to what's been going on recently.

I'm nearly finished with school, in fact I graduate in a month. It's quite bittersweet, as I'm sick of being away from home and the kids so much, but I'm going to miss my photo professor tremendously. I love taking photo classes and learning everything I can squeeze into my head about photography. The other classes, not so much. (In fact I have a research essay due tomorrow morning that I haven't finished writing, and have absolutely no want to do...) I will be taking two classes after graduating, one this summer (alternative hand coating processes) and one in the fall (studio portrait photography).

I've been shooting with a medium format Mamiya 645 camera for the past several months. I only have one lens for it (80mm fixed lens). I love working with the larger film size, and it's much more convienent to lug around than the huge view camera I was using for a while. I prefer it to the 35mm. If I need something more compact, I simply shoot digital. I honestly can't remember the last time I shot with the 35mm camera.

The business is going pretty ok. I have 4 weddings booked for this summer so far. I've done a couple sittings here and there, but not too many which is fine by me. I shot last week all the art work for the student juried art magazine at school, a paying job that also looks great on a resume.
Also, last December I was approached by a design firm to shoot a series of portraits to advertise a line of photo kiosks. This turned into my first commercial job, one of which I'm rather proud of. In addition to shooting it, I had to also find the models. This proved to be an extremely difficult task in and of itself, but worked out ok in the end.

With all that going on, did you really think I'd have time for "me" time??

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you sure are winey....

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tis the season of bubbling bliss in the basement....we're in the process of making this years wine! we've bottled two cases of blueberry (20% alcohol this round-- it packs a powerful punch) and we have another two cases in the works. we also just picked up a couple more carboys and I'm going to make my first ever batch of wine (it's been Nick's project up until now, I've just reeped all the benefits)-- although as of right now I can't decide if it's going to be apple wine or hard cider.

hmmmmm, decisions decisions.....

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Today's pictures are Abbie's newest pictures. I took these earlier today in the studio. There are quite a few of them, and all but one of the poses are her own. I really have a lot of luck letting the kids pose themselves, they're less rigid, much more comfy and therefore more photogenic.

Family and friends, if you would like any reprints of these, please let me know which one!

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